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Youshiko YC740 Digital Radio Controlled Alarm Clock with 4 Alarm Times & Automatic backlight with light sensor

  • £19.99
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  • This alarm clock has 4 x alarm times with Permanent Display of day of the week, date and indoor temperature
  • Radio controlled ( MSF - UK Version ) with automatic time set up , Automatic time change for Spring & Autumn and automatic time checks.
  • Green back light display to see in dark when required. Time in 12/24 hour selectable
  • It has an increasing wake-up signal, which begins tenderly at first, but then increases to a loud wake-up sound, The device has a light sensor which automatically activates the lighting when it is dark (can be switched off) also manually by tapping the Snooze / Light top, the backlight can be activated for 5 seconds
  • Automatic time change for Spring & Autumn and automatic time checks, accurate to 1 second in 10 million years, have automatic set up for time and calendar (where applicable), The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) which is the UK's home of measurement and the nation's timekeeping. NPL is responsible for operating the national time system and making accurate time available across the UK. This clock keep accurate time by picking up the NPL's radio signal, called MSF, which is transmitted on 60KHz