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Youshiko YC1600 Intelligent Battery Charger ( Official UK Version ) for 16 x AA / AAA batteries ( Including Car 12V Adapter )

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The latest 2022 version of Youshiko YC1600 , 16 Slot Battery Charger is a practical solution for heavy users of high capacity AA and AAA rechargeable batteries.

16 Independent Charging Circuits:

Featuring eight independent circuits, you can charge 1 to 16 AA / AAA , both NiCd and NiMH rechargeable batteries, in combination and from any manufacturer, each battery is controlled & monitored independently, no need to charge in pairs.

Clear LCD Screen:
Incorporates a large LCD screen showing the charging status of each battery with a clear and easy to read bar display.


Features :
Suitable for charging any NiCd and NiMH rechargeable AA / AAA batteries only.
Discharging function for refreshing batteries.
Perfect for charging odd number of batteries ( 1 to 16 )
Each battery slot is controlled and monitored independently.
Independent LCD display for each battery.
Charging both AA and AAA rechargeable batteries simultaneously.
Overheat and overcharge protection.
Minus delta voltage (-dv) detection for charge termination and Short Circuit protection.
Damaged or bad batteries detection.

Input : 12V 1000mA
Output : AA 1.2V - 500mA
Output : AAA 1.2V - 250mA
Discharge Current : 200-300mA
Battery Type : AA / AAA NiMH
Dimensions : 30 x 11 x 3 cm
Car charger is included .


The New UK Version, Supplied with: YC1600 Battery Charger, Universal Power Supply (110 -240V ) with UK plug , 12V car Adapter and Instruction Manual.


User Maunal Download ( pdf )

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