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Youshiko YC9392 ( Official UK Version) Advanced Professional 7-in-1 Weather station WIFI Internet

  • £269.99
  • Save £229

Latest 2022 UK Version with UK Warranty , Latest BTN TRUE BLACK, Full weather information, Wi-fi connection with internet time synchronization, Publish local weather data on weather Underground & Weather cloud.

Weather forecast, Indoor / outdoor temperature, humidity , minimum and maximum , comfort indicator, Weather index for outdoor dew-point, wind chill, heat index, beaufort, UV & Sunburn ( light intensity ).

Receive weather data from outdoor Professional 7-in-1 Wireless Sensor , Wind speed & direction, Rainfall Temperature, Humidity, UV & Sunburn ( light intensity ).

Display time, calendar, weekday, moon phase, sunrise & sunset, Buzzer alarm clock with ice pre-alert function, Historical bar chart display for rainfall (past 7-day ), Up to 360° and 16-direction wind direction measurement .

Supplied with: Main weather station with UK power adaptor: DC 5V 1A , Wireless 7-in-1 outdoor weather sensor ( YC1136) , Indoor sensor: ( YC80 ), instruction book, Please note: Mounting pole showing in pictures for out door sensor is not included,


Youshiko YC9392 Wi-fi Weather Station With 7-in-1 Professional Sensor

  •  8” True Black & Colourful Display For Time & Full Weather Information
  • Receive Weather Data From 7-in-1 Weather Sensor (YC1136) Via 868 MHz RF Transmission
  • Wi-fi Connection To Publish Local Weather Station Data On Public Weather Platform (Weather Underground & Weather Cloud)
  • Able To Synchronize UTC Time From Internet And With DST On/Off Function , LCD Display Contrast Level Adjustment To Fit For Difference Viewing Angle
  • Display Time, Calendar, Weekday, Moon Phase And Sunrise / Sunset Time
  • Able To Set The Moon Phase Display For Northern / Southern Hemisphere
  • Buzzer Alarm Clock With Ice Pre-alert Function , Indoor Temperature (°c/°f) & Humidity With Comfort Indication & Trend
  • Outdoor Temperature (°c/°f) & Humidity Readings (YC1136) With Trend
  • Gust Or Average Wind Speed (mph, m/s, km/h, knots) & Trend, Beaufort & Wind Level
  • Real Time & Dominant Wind Direction In 360° & 16-direction Resolution
  • UV Index (0 – 16) With UV Level Indicator (LIGHT, MODERATE, HIGH, VERY HIGH, EXTREME), SUNBURN Time (Minutes) & Light Intensity Reading (Klux, Kfc, W/m2)
  • Measure Rain rate, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Total rainfall (in / mm) with indicator
  • Weather Forecast (Sunny, Partly Cloudy, Cloudy, Rainy, Stormy, Snowy)
  • Barometric Pressure In Relative Or Absolute Readings (hPa, inHg, mmHg)
  • Weather Index For Outdoor Feels Like (THW Index), Heat Index, Wind Chill, Dew Point Readings
  • Max / Min Memory Records & Past 24hrs Hourly Record , Hi / Lo Alert Setting (Indoor/ Outdoor Temperature & Humidity) .
  • Alert Setting (Weather Index, High Wind-speed, High Daily Rainfall & Pressure Drop)
  • Flashing Indicator For Hi/lo Alert Warning On The LCD Display
  • Weather Data Calibration (Via the Set-up User Interface) , 3-mode Brightness: Hi / Lo / Off
  • 7 languages for weekday (EN/ DE/ FR/ ES/ IT/ NL/ RU) / Support Firmware Update
  • 1 Pc Wireless outdoor 7-in-1 Professional Weather Sensor (YC1136) & 1 x Wireless for indoor Thermal-hygro Sensor ( included )
  • Support Up To 7 x Wireless Extra Sensors for any choice of your location (YC80) (Not Included – Optional/ can buy separately )
  • Wall Mount / Desktop Usage / Power Supply UK Adaptor Included
  • Product Size: 215 X 172 X 29 Mm (W X H X D) / Back-up batteries 3 x AAA (not included)

Supplied with : Main Weather Station with UK Power Adaptor : DC 5V 1A, Wireless 7-in-1 Outdoor Weather Sensor (YC1136), Indoor Sensor : (YC80 ), Instruction Book

Please Note : Mounting Pole showing in pictures for Out Door Sensor is Not Included.


ALSO PLEASE NOTE :  There is No difference  between Model YC9391 or YC9392 ,  both are 100% Same  ,  Just  console display lay out and buttons on console is bit different 

User manual  down load from here 

Download Comparison Chart with other models  From here 

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