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Youshiko YC9388 PC Weather station ( Premium Quality / Official UK Version) Professional 6-in-1 Wireless Sensor, Wind speed & direction, Rainfall, Temperature, Humidity, UV & with weather tools software

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Latest 2020 UK Version , Weather station with wireless sensor integrated 6-in-1 model Youshiko YC9388

Integrated wireless sensor operates at a frequency of 868 MHz and measuring the temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall and UV radiation. 

The main unit has an easy to read display that shows the weather forecast,, a graph of barometric pressure, indoor / outdoor temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall amount, time / date, dew point, wind chill, heat index, UV index, and sunrise / sunset time. 

The main unit has a memory to the minimum and maximum measured values ​​and memory values ​​measured over the past 24 hours. It is also possible to set different alarms. Time and date are automatically adjusted from the computer.

Up to an additional 7 temperature and humidity sensors can be added to this weather station.

With the WEATHER TOOL  PC software, it is also possible to store measured data on the computer, or upload to selected servers , Weather Underground and Weather Cloud  ( Upload only when connected to PC )  .
This weather station is  PC compatible only
Not compatible with Mac . 

LCD display with dimensions of 77 x 127 mm 
The size of digits: time 15 mm abbreviation of 6 mm date of 7 mm, barometric pressure, speed / gust of wind, UV index / Beaufort / Wind Chill / temperature index / dew point, precipitation 8.5 mm, 5 mm wind direction, temperature and relative. Humidity 11 mm, the time of sunrise and sunset 7.5 mm.

Sync with the time and date of the computer or manually 
Display time in 12 or 24 hour format 
The date of the abbreviated name of the day (EN, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL, RU) 
Time zone (-12 to +13 hours) 
Alarm snooze function (Snooze) after 5 minutes 
Pre-alarm function (activates alarm 30 minutes earlier, if the outdoor temperature is lower than -3 ° C).
Alarm sound signal (4 seconds 1 beep per second, 4 seconds 2 beeps per second, 4 seconds 3 beeps per second and then standing 4 beeps per second) 
Measuring the indoor / outddor temperature and relative humidity 
Temperature display in ° C or ° F 
Trend indicator indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity 
Average wind speed 
Measuring the wind speed gust 
Displays the current wind direction in degrees, or pressing direction, the graphical Display of the wind direction for the past five minutes,  in 16  direction
Description of wind speed (LIGHT - light, moderate - mild STRONG - strong STORM - storm ) 
Show the average wind speed and gust in m/s, km / h, knots (knots) or mph 
Display wind force in Beaufort scale 
Measuring rainfall total for the past hour, daily, weekly and monthly 
Display rainfall in mm or in (inches) 
6 animated icons weather forecast (sunny, cloudy, cloudy, rain, storm, snowfall) 
Barometric pressure, display of absolute or adjustable relative barometric pressure range from 930 hPa to 1050 hPa 
Displaying the value of atmospheric pressure in hPa / inHg / mmHg 
  A bar graph of the barometric pressure in the last 72 hours range +/- 10 hPa, and the internal temperature in the last 72 hours in the range of +/- 10 ° C external temperature, or in the last 72 hours in the range of +/- 10 ° C, or an internal REL. Moisture in the last 72 hours in the range of +/- 10% or outer rel. Moisture in the last 72 hours in the range of +/- 10%, the development of rainfall in the last seven days to 100 mm and more 
UV index display with calibration 
Display the dew point temperature and the index based on the measured values of the integrated sensor value display wind chill 
Memory for maximum values and minimum daily and total: internal and external temperature and relative humidity, wind chill, dew point, heat index, barometric pressure; Memory for maximum daily and total: average values of wind speed and gust, UV index, wind force by Beaufort scale and rainfall with time and date entry
Memory readings stored every hour for the last 24 hours with a recording date 
alarm upper and lower limits of the internal and external temperature and relative humidity 
Alarm upper and lower limit dew point 
Alarm drop in barometric pressure during the past 30 minutes 
Alarm Threshold setting clock rainfall 
Alarm adjustable limit wind velocity values wind chill, heat index, UV index and Beaufort 
Indication of reaching the upper or lower limit of an audible signal, flashing value and LED 
Low battery indication of the main unit and sensor to view the channel 
Icons Moon phase 
Time of sunrise and sunset adjusted according to the current location (after entering time zone and coordinate) 
Indoor pa Met main unit for recording measured data 
The possibility of capture settings: every 5 minutes (for 50 days), 15 minutes (for 150 days), 30 minutes (for 300 days) and 60 minutes (for 600 days) 
Wireless transmission of values from the integrated sensor 868 MHz to the console
- add additional 7 additional sensors for measuring temperature and humidity Youshiko YC80  (not included )
Data transmission interval integrated sensor - wind direction and speed of 12 seconds, temperature humidity, UV index and precipitation 24 seconds 
Signal strength integrated wireless sensors and additional wireless sensors 
USB port for PC connection used to transfer measurement data from the internal memory of the main unit.

Data transfer:
Ability to connect to a PC via USB port 
Display current measured values  
Export data in .csv or .xls 
Ability to export data to a Web service WeatherUnderground and WeatherCloud when weather station connected to PC

Integrated wireless sensor:
water resistant
Measuring the outside temperature and relative humidity, precipitation, wind speed and direction and the UV 
Indication data transmission LED 
light gray, funnel rain gauge, weather vane, vane and the bottom side in addition to radiation shield black
Package contents:
1 x Main unit 
1 x integrated wireless sensor ( mounting pole showing in pictures are not included )
1 x instruction booklet 
1 x USB cable  
  • PLEASE NOTE: Mounting pole showing in pictures is not Included

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