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Weather Station with Colour Changing Display , Radio Control Clock & 5-in-1 Wireless Sensor ( Wind speed & direction, Rainfall, Temperature & Humidity )

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Youshiko weather station with Colour changing Display & 5-in-1 multi sensor with mounting accessories , Wind speed, Wind direction, Rainfall, Temperature, Humidity, Heat Index, Dew Point, Wind Chill, Barometric display

  • Latest 2020 UK Version , Radio Control Clock ( MSF / UK & Ireland ) with date and weekday (5 languages : GB / DE / FR / IT/ ES).
  • 3 Colour Changing Modes (no: 1) 256 different colors LOOP - auto looping ( no: 2) 8 different RAINBOW colours with TRUE BLACK background (no: 3) Colour Changing by outdoor temperature.
  • Alarm clock function with Ice pre-alert , Actual, Average, Gust wind-speed display (in mph, m/s, Km/h or Knots), with wind-speed classification (Light, Moderate, Strong, Storm)
  • Rainfall, Daily, Weekday, Monthly & maximum total Rainfall measurement (in mm and inches). 
  • Weather forecast (Sunny, Partially Cloudy, Cloudy, Rainy, Stormy, Snowfall).
  • Barometric pressure reading (mmHg, inHg, hPa) in relative or absolute terms Historical bar chart display for rainfall (past 5 days) or pressure changes (-1, -3, -6, -12, -24 hours).
  • Indoor temperature, humidity with comfort indicato / Outdoor temperature, humidity with wind-chill temperature, heat-index and dew-point display.
  • Maximum/ Minimum memory records with time date stamps Past 24 hours history data hourly, record Hi / Lo alert settings for temperature & humidity.
  • Alert setting for wind & daily rainfall with LED indicator Amber LED back light Link with one YC1129 sensor only.
  • Removable stand included (desktop or wall-mount installation).
  • Low battery indicator for sensor and main unit display.
  • Main unit size: 168 x 24 x 136 mm (L x W x H) / Back up battery 1pc x CR2032 (included) / DC 4.5V 300mA UK Adaptor included
  • 5-IN-1 WEATHER SENSOR : Wind speed, Wind direction, Rainfall, Temperature & Humidity.
  • Easy installation with adjustable head pointing to North direction.
  • Sensor size: 343.5 x 136 x 393.5 mm (L x W x H) Long-range transmission between main unit and sensors of up to 150m (450 ft), powered with Battery : AA x 3 pcs (not included)

Full Details:

Youshiko brings to you Weather Station with Radio Control Clock ( MSF UK & Ireland ) and 5-in-1 professional sensor that tells you about the different changes in weather outside, This device gets a stylish design and displays Wind Speed & Direction , Temperature , Humidity & Rainfall,, Weather forecast and time-related details. This weather station gets a True Black LCD Colour Changing display with three modes for backlight colour changing:

1. LOOP: auto-loop between 256 colour

2. Rainbow: Select 7+1 rainbow colour manually

3. Outdoor Temp: colour auto-changed by outdoor temperature.

You receive weather data from 5-in-1 professional (YC1129) via 868 MHz RF transmission. This 5-in-1 sensor gives you the information about temperature, humidity, rain gauge, wind direction and wind speed. You also get a buzzer alarm clock with ice pre-alert function that beeps when the weather is unfavourable outside. The entire system is very easy to use and synchronize which makes it a perfect addition to your home.

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Youshiko YC9386 Radio Control UK Version Colour Changing Weather Station with 5-in-1 Professional Sensor


  • TRUE BLACK professional display for time & full weather information
  • Receive weather data from 5-in-1 weather sensor (YC1129) via 868 MHz RF transmission
  • Display time, calendar, weekday
  • RCC time sync & DST Auto/Off function ( MSF / UK Version Radio Control )
  • Buzzer alarm clock with ice pre-alert function
  • 3-mode for backlight colour changing: o (1) LOOP: auto-loop between 256 colour o (2) RAINBOW: select 7+1 rainbow colour manually o (3) OUTDOOR TEMP: colour auto-changed by outdoor temperature
  • Indoor temperature (°C/°F) & humidity with comfort indication
  • Outdoor temperature (°C/°F) and humidity reading
  • Gust or Average wind speed (mph, m/s, km/h, knots)
  • Real time & dominant wind direction (16-direction) , Rain rate, Daily, Weekly, Monthly rainfall (in / mm)
  • Weather forecast (sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy, stormy, snowy)
  • Barometric pressure in relative or absolute readings (hPa, inHg, mmHg)
  • Historical bar chart display for rainfall (past 5 days) or pressure change (past 1,3,6,12,24 hour)
  • Weather index for indoor dew-point, Wind chill, heat index
  • Max/Min memory records with time-date stamps , Past 24hr hourly record
  • Hi/Lo alert setting (indoor/ outdoor temperature & humidity) • Hi alert setting (wind-speed, and daily rainfall)
  • Flashing indicator and LED indicator for weather alert , 3-mode brightness: Hi / Lo / Off
  • 5 languages for weekday (EN/ FR/ DE/ ES/ IT)

 Weather station ( Console ) :

size: 168 x 143 x 24mm (W x H x D) / Wall mount/ desktop usage

5-in-1 weather sensor:

Long-range transmission up to 150m (450 ft.) / Sensor size: 343.5 x 393.5 x 136mm (W x H x D) / Powered by: 3 x AA batteries (not included)

Complete Weather station comes with :

1 x Weather station Console ( Display unit ) , 1 x 5-in-1 sensor with mounting brackets , 1 x user manual , 1 x Backup Battery / 1 x power Supply

Download User Manual  From Here 

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