Youshiko Radio Control Projection Alarm Clock, Bedroom Projector Clock Dual Alarms LCD Display Date Time
Youshiko Radio Control Projection Alarm Clock, Bedroom Projector Clock Dual Alarms LCD Display Date Time
Youshiko Radio Control Projection Alarm Clock, Bedroom Projector Clock Dual Alarms LCD Display Date Time
Youshiko Radio Control Projection Alarm Clock, Bedroom Projector Clock Dual Alarms LCD Display Date Time
Youshiko Radio Control Projection Alarm Clock, Bedroom Projector Clock Dual Alarms LCD Display Date Time
Youshiko Radio Control Projection Alarm Clock, Bedroom Projector Clock Dual Alarms LCD Display Date Time
Youshiko Radio Control Projection Alarm Clock, Bedroom Projector Clock Dual Alarms LCD Display Date Time
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Youshiko Radio Control Projection Alarm Clock, Bedroom Projector Clock Dual Alarms LCD Display Date Time

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  • Latest version, offered by UK Based Company with UK Warranty & after sales support.
  • Radio Control UK Version Projection Clock & up to 180°Adjustable Angle: the ceiling projection range is 0.5~3m, and the optimal projection distance is 1.5~3m. The projection angle can be adjusted by or up to 180 degrees. Optional 12/24 hour mode. The projector components can be tilted so you can project the time onto the desired wall or ceiling
  • LCD display for time & Indoor temperature (°C/°F) & humidity readings
  • Dual Alarms & Snooze Function Alarm clock, can set 2 independent wake-up times, Snooze function allows 5 extra minutes of sleep before alerting you again.
  • The temperature is displayed in C or F, ranging from -9 °C to + 50 °C / 15 °F to 122 °F.
  • It comes with power supply , Please use power supply for 24/7 projection light , Also please note: : Only when clock looking for Radio control signal , only then for few mins, projection light will stop , once connected to RC or clock will stop looking for RC , projection light will come on
  • powered by Power supply , 1 x battery for back up ( included), You can even connect a phone or iPad to your display unit with the help of a USB port.
  • Comes with 1 x UK Power supply, 1 x main display unit ,1 x User manual & UK Warranty

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Product Description

Radio Control ( Official MSF UK Version ) , Dual alarm , Ceiling / Wall Projection Clock with Temperature, Hygrometer & USB Charging Port

Youshiko Radio Control (Official 2023 MSF UK Version) Projection Alarm Clock

Introducing our sleek and versatile Youshiko Radio Alarm Clock with an LCD display, designed to elevate your daily routine. This modern marvel boasts a range of features to ensure you start your day on the right foot. With dual alarms, you can set two independent wake-up times, allowing you and your partner to rise and shine at your preferred hours. For those who crave a few extra moments of rest, our snooze function offers a blissful 5-minute reprieve before gently alerting you again. This clock is perfect for any room in your home, from the bedroom and living room to the classroom and home office. It's even a great addition to a kid's room, helping young ones establish healthy morning routines. Say goodbye to oversleeping and hello to a more organized and punctual you with Youshiko Radio Alarm Clock.

This versatile clock not only offers precision timekeeping but also brings added convenience to your life. With its Projection Clock feature, you can project the time onto your ceiling or wall, creating a visually captivating display. The projection range spans from 0.5 to 3 meters, with the optimal distance being 1.5 to 3 meters, ensuring clear and legible time display. What sets this clock apart is its 180-degree adjustable projection angle, allowing you to customize the angle according to your preferences. Whether you prefer the classic 12-hour or the practical 24-hour mode, this clock has you covered.

Additionally, it boasts a range of functionalities, including a built-in temperature and hygrometer gauge, helping you stay informed about your indoor environment. To top it all off, the clock features a USB charging port, ensuring your devices are always ready to go. Upgrade your bedside experience with our Ceiling/Wall Projection Clock and enjoy both functionality and style in one sleek package.

Please note:

You must keep the clock well away from TV/ computer / Wifi Hub / Moblie phones etc , as due to interfreance from these devices, this can affect on RC signal .

Radio Control Clock ( MSF UK & Ireland ). During the process, projection light , will automatically turn off to reduce other interference. After the process (in 7 minutes), projection light will light up again. Every night, at 1:00 am, 2:00 am, 3:00 am, it will start Radio Control , If the signal reception of Radio control signal fails due to signal interference or weak signal, it will start again at 4:00 am. If fails again, then it will , start again at 5:00 am. After 5:00 am,

Radio Control System

Radio Control System

This innovative clock is equipped with a Radio Control System UK version that ensures the effective transmission of data, allowing it to automatically sync with atomic time signals for impeccable accuracy.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually adjusting your clock; this smart timepiece does it all for you. With dual alarms, you can set separate wake-up times for yourself and a partner, making mornings more personalized and convenient. The sleek and modern design of this clock seamlessly fits into any room decor, while its easy-to-read display and user-friendly controls make it a must-have addition to your home or office. Embrace punctuality and reliability with our Dual Alarm Clock with Radio Control System, and wake up to the perfect start every day.

Features :

180° Rotating Projection Arm

Comes with UK Power Supply

4 Level of Brightness Modes

180° Rotating Projection Arm

This innovative clock not only provides accurate time keeping and alarm functionality but also offers a unique projection feature. With its flexible projection arm, you can easily project the time and temperature onto any surface, ensuring that you never have to fumble for your glasses in the middle of the night to check the time.

The crystal-clear LCD display offers easy-to-read digits and adjustable brightness settings, making it suitable for day or night use. With dual alarms, a snooze function, this alarm clock is designed to cater to your every need. Its modern design, combined with its practical features, makes it the perfect addition to your daily routine, helping you stay punctual and well-informed, no matter where you are in the room.

Wake up in style and convenience with our LCD Display Radio Alarm Clock.

Comes with UK Power Supply

This sleek and versatile device functions as a reliable alarm clock . With its clear and easy-to-read display, you'll always know the time at a glance. What sets this alarm clock apart is its inclusion of a UK power supply, ensuring that you can conveniently plug it in and enjoy uninterrupted functionality.

Whether you're setting multiple alarms, or simply using it as a bedside timekeeper, our Radio Alarm Clock with a UK Power Supply is designed to meet all your needs with convenience and style.

Start your mornings on the right note with this essential addition to your bedside table.

4 Level of Brightness Modes

This alarm clock, designed to elevate your mornings and redefine your wake-up experience. With four levels of brightness modes, this alarm clock allows you to customize your display to suit any time of day or night, ensuring your comfort and convenience. Whether you prefer a gentle glow or a brighter, more vivid display, our LCD alarm clock has you covered. Its intuitive design not only offers exceptional functionality but also adds a touch of modern elegance to any bedside table or workspace. Wake up with confidence and style, knowing that you can adjust your alarm clock's brightness to match your needs, day or night. Upgrade your mornings with our LCD alarm clock and make each wake-up call a delightful experience.

For 24/7 projection light use power supply


Introducing Youshiko innovative 24/7 Projection Light Alarm Clock, the perfect addition to your bedroom or office. This sleek and versatile clock does more than just wake you up; it enhances your daily routine with a host of useful features. With its reliable power supply, this alarm clock can project the time, date, and indoor temperature and humidity in both 12-hour and 24-hour formats, ensuring you're always informed about your surroundings. The convenient backlight display ensures easy readability, even in the darkest of nights. Plus, with its dual alarms, you can set multiple wake-up times or reminders, making it ideal for couples or those with busy schedules. Experience the ultimate in timekeeping convenience with Youshiko 24/7 Projection Light Alarm Clock – a reliable companion for your daily life.


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